Is There Default Password to Unlock iPhone Backup File?

unlock protected iPhone backup password

I just updated my iPhone 4 to the version of iOS 5.0.1. After updating it ask password to unlock backup file. As far as I remember I did not set any password and I also tried all possible password which could be set by me but not working. My password for my iPhone 4 locked due to multiple entries.

a. My iPhone 4 locked due to password lock.

b. I tried to unlock it on iTunes.

c. After going through the process my phone has not been unlocked.


e. When I insert SIM card, the iPhone works and I can receive calls but still cannot access the iPhone.

However, if I right click on my iPhone in windows & select “restore from backup”, there is a prompt that need password. Is it possible to restore my iPhone from the backup I have made to my external HDD & have copied to my laptop? Or am I screwed without my backup files (as I formatted my C : from “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\AppleComputer\MobileSync\Backup”? How could I get the backup password to restore iPhone and get contacts, messages, etc. easily?

I got suggestions from website that supports professional iPhone Backup Passowrd Unlock tool. The below are its detailed operation steps to unlock backup password:

Procedure A. Obtain the application to import the saved backup file
We can download the wonderful program “iPhone Backup Unlocker” by visiting its official product website firstly. Install it and run it on a pc. There will be prompt for importing file: click “Open” to import the backup file via its navigation.

Procedure B. Identify the attack mode to find out backup password
If unfortunately we could not recall anything about our password set before, we should choose Brute-force Attack. It will crack password via trying reconciling password via various characters combination trying all possible character combination randomly.
If we still remember something useful info subject of password, including some digital, character, length, special symbols, etc., we’d easily use mode – Brute-force with Mask Attack.
If we usually would save our kinds of passwords used as a file, the mode would be the right choice: Dictionary Attack. Dictionary Attack will also use the application’s own password list.

Procedure C. To unlock iPhone encrypted backup password
After choosing suitable attack mode, with clicking “Start”, we will get back lost iPhone backup password conveniently and also get lost data on iPhone.

While, I now find lost iPhone backup password easily with software iPhone Backup Unlocker. I will never need to worry about forgotten backup password! (This software can also works for iPhone 5/iPhone 4S/iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS/3G, etc.)

After my later trying, I’ve come to the conclusion if you have used encryption for backups, iTunes will not allow you to start a completely new backup with a new encryption password unless you know the previous password. I’ve tried installing iTunes on different computers, deleting all previous backups, and trying to backup without a password and have been unsuccessful to date. So it appears that if you ever have used a password to backup your iPhone and you forget it prior to taking off the password protection, the only course of action to create (and restore from) an iPhone backup is to start from scratch with a complete wipe of your iPhone’s settings. But at least you can move music, video, apps, and contacts to your computer first and restore them afterwards.

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